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Relieving Chronic Conditions
Caused by Whiplash

Taught by Tria Shaffer, LMT, MTI

Whiplash is a common injury resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Clients still suffering six months after the injury may develop Late Whiplash Syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by body-wide symptoms that seem to have no connection to the whiplash, such as low back pain and TMJ pain.

This class will teach you the signs and symptoms of whiplash, and techniques to assist your clients back to a pain-free lifestyle. There will be lots of hand-on in this course along with a thorough discussion of whiplash and whiplash associated disorders.

This class may be taken at 1/2 price if the student should want to repeat the class after first completion.

TRIA LORENE SHAFFER, LMT, MTI has been studying and practicing advanced body work for the past 11 years and looks forward to sharing her expertise with you.

Course fee is $125     6 CEUs