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The Wounded and the Healer: Addressing
PTSD via Massage and Compassionate Intent

Taught by Angel Gammel, LMT, MTI
& Licensed Esthetician

When a person undergoes a traumatic or a life-threatening ordeal, the stress involved may result in specific brain function changes. These shifts can occur in the amygdala, hypothalamus, and several other structures, leading to major impacts on our ability to process future events, be present in daily life, and even to connect with our fellow humans. How can a massage therapist be of service to those who are experiencing these conditions?

The class will discuss these topics, and then address the following kinds of trauma- and stress-related conditions with specific techniques and approaches:

  • “Classic” PTSD
  • Dissociative PTSD
  • Acute traumatic stress disorder
  • Adjustment disorder
  • Reactive attachment disorder

“Please note that because of the sensitive topics and nature of the class, we will be covering ground that some may find difficult or even painful. I respectfully ask ahead of time that we come together in a spirit of openness, non-judgment, and compassion.” —Angel

ANGEL GAMMEL MT, MTI, LE, was apprenticed to his LMT father at 15, learning to appreciate the power and beauty of massage as a healing art. He has been actively engaged in intuitive healing since his early teenage years. He is also a licensed Esthetician, and works at Whole Family Chiropractors.

Angel served for 5 years as a Hospital Corpsman (combat medic) in the United States Navy. This experience, coupled with a life-long pursuit of the martial arts, has helped him develop a profound respect for the human body and a deep desire to help others find their “best living.”

Course fee is $125     6 Hours