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Make it Pop! Secrets for Making
Your Spa Massage Memorable

Taught by Angel Gammel, LMT, MTI
& Licensed Esthetician

Do you ever wonder how to stand out in your spa? Why those estheticians on Easy Street get such high tips for doing a tenth of the work you do (Do they even know what an elbow’s for?)? How you can become the neck/face/shoulder gal/guy at your workplace? Well, this course has the answers, or at the very least will get you pointed in the right direction!

In this fun-filled and slightly silly course we will learn:

  • why cats purring has such a soothing effect, and how to simulate it
  • great “openers” and “closers” to connect with and calm your people
  • how to enhance the soothing quality of your go-to strokes
  • specific “signature” techniques that will make you stand out every time
  • several quick “pick-me-ups” that your receiver can take out into the big, bad world

and that ancient question:

  • Just what makes a technique “memorable”?!

When working in a spa, customer satisfaction is everything. Beyond the obvious impact on increasing your tips, many spas base massage rates on returning clients, product sales, and even direct client feedback. We’ll cover how to refine your approach to all of these, as well as non-invasive, natural ways of asking guests if they’d enjoy a spa upgrade to their service.

ANGEL GAMMEL MT, MTI, LE apprenticed to his LMT father at 15, learning to appreciate the power and beauty of massage as a healing art. Much later, he underwent and very much enjoyed the Aveda Licensed Esthetician program, which got him thinking about how massage therapists could employ many of the technique and sales approaches that their “kissing cousins”, estheticians, already do!

Course fee is $125     6 Hours