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Make it Pop! Secrets for Making
Your Spa Massage Memorable

Taught by Angel Gammel, LMT, MTI
& Licensed Esthetician

Do you ever wonder how to stand out in your spa? Why those estheticians on Easy Street get such high tips for doing a tenth of the work you do? How you can become the neck/face/shoulder gal/guy at your workplace? Well, this course will get you pointed in the right direction!

In this fun-filled course we will learn:

  • Why a cat’s purr has such a soothing effect on the human nervous system, and how to simulate it with your massage techniques
  • Great “openers” and “closers” to connect with and calm your guests
  • How to enhance the soothing quality of your go-to strokes
  • Specific “signature” techniques that will make you stand out every time
  • Several quick “pick-me-ups” that your receiver can use during high-stress times

When working in a spa, customer satisfaction is everything. Learn how to:

  • Enhance your techniques for the most relaxing effects on your guests
  • Refine your approach to product sales
  • Ask your guests to upgrade their service in a non-invasive, natural way
  • Increase your tips

ANGEL GAMMEL MT, MTI, LE, was apprenticed to his LMT father at 15, learning to appreciate the power and beauty of massage as a healing art. He has been actively engaged in intuitive healing since his early teenage years. He is also a licensed Esthetician, and works at Whole Family Chiropractors.

Course fee is $125     6 Hours