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Relieving Plantar Fascitis

Taught by Tria Shaffer, LMT, MTI

As therapists, we routinely see clients with foot pain. Can you recognize the symptoms of plantar fascitis for them before it evolves into severe foot pain - restricting movement and freedom? In this class you will learn the causes and consequences of plantar fascitis, the anatomy of the plantar fascia, and associated muscles and ligaments.

As we age, the ability to move pain-free contriubtes to an active lifestyle. Keep your clients on their feet!

Myofascial release and deep tissue techniques will be presented to release the plantar fascia and associated leg muscles that contribute to or cause this painful condition.

This class may be taken at 1/2 price if the student should want to repeat the class after first completion.

TRIA LORENE SHAFFER, LMT, MTI has been studying and practicing advanced body work for the past 11 years and looks forward to sharing her expertise with you.

Course fee is $125     6 CEUs

Payment Plan: $80 at registration; $45 one month before class starts

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