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Understanding and Treating
Piriformis Syndrome

Taught by Tria Shaffer, LMT, MTI

Piriformis Syndrome, commonly referred to as “Sciatica” by clients, is a neuromuscular disorder caused by the Piriformis muscle compressing or entrapping the Sciatic Nerve. Activities leading to and resulting in the Syndrome will be discussed, along with prevention and general stretching of the hip and associated muscles. Detailed anatomy will be presented, along with position and use of the SacroWedgy. There is plenty of time for practice of demonstrated techniques along with personalized instruction in body mechanics and application of a technique.

Come learn a myofascial release approach to addressing the Piriformis and get some great work on yourself in a fun, hands-on class!

A manual is included for post-course referral.

Supplies needed:

  • Massage gear (table is provided)

  • 2 Pillows

  • Pen

  • Comfortable clothing

    Course fee is $125     6 CEUs

    Payment Plan: $80 at registration; $45 one month before class starts