2525 Wallingwood Dr.
Suite 1501
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 306-0975

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A New Beginning School of Massage is centrally located in the beautiful Austin greenbelt. We are dedicated to excellence in education by engaging the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - to promote health through quality touch. We educate our students by awakening their natural learning process in a safe, fun, and supportive environment so they may become creative, successful, and effective bodyworkers. Students are taught to assist the body to adapt, heal, and transform.

A key feature of our educational process is that students are asked to view their experiences as personal growth, as well as training, and to look at their inner world of beliefs, emotions, and behaviors during the course of their exploration of the body and the techniques of massage. Let us be A New Beginning for you!

For class information or to schedule a tour of the school,
please call (512) 306-0975.

To schedule a 1-1/2 hour student massage,
please call (512) 736-9406.

When It's Time for a New Beginning...

You need faith. That things will be better.
You need strength. And you'll find it within.
You need patience and persistence.
You need hope, and you need to keep it close to the center
of everything that means the most to you.

You need to put things in perspective.
So much of your life lies ahead!
You need to take the best of what you've learned from
the old, and bring it to the beautiful days of a new journey.

Life's new beginnings happen for very special reasons.
When it's time to move on, remember that it really is okay.
Because when a new beginning unfolds in the story of your life,
You go such a long way toward making the dreams of your tomorrows come true.

"When It's Time for a New Beginning," by Douglas Pagels from the SPS Studios, Inc.
Book The Language of Recovery...and Living One Day at a Time. Copyright 2000 by SPS Studios, Inc.
All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of SPS Studios, Inc., publisher of
Blue Mountain Arts products.